WGSE Series



  • The WGSE Series comprises a slewing ring with external helical gear mounted in a common casing with a worm shaft. The gearing is protected from the elements by a cast iron housing.


Series dimensions

Outline dimensionsOuter holesInner holesBolt sizeGear ratioOutput
QCB referenceABCDiEH1LanaLiniKNmdeg
WGSE 3C 62 16 R11480157160.89810061006M1062:10.4<0.212
WGSE 5 52 16 R132941731737912861008-1M1062:10.4<0..216
WGSE 5A 62 16 R13810017317311912861006M1062:10.6<0.220
WGSE 7 73 16 H R1701332119821181203812110M1273:11.5<0.225
WGSE 9A 61 25 H R2391743141453141082701617516-1M1661:16.5<0.1749
WGSE 12A 78 25 H R2852203322293241113581825920-1M1678:17.5<0.1760
WGSE 14A 85 25 H R3032383382653301103901829524-1M1685:18<0.1773
WGSE 17A 102 25 H R3402823853243851264792036520M16102:110<0.15110
WGSE 21 125 25 H R4033394694324621375843646736-1M20125:115<0.15158
WGSE 25 150 25 H R4674024625124621306753656536-1M20150:118<0.15204

Some of the larger WGSE series are available with twin drives which doubles the output torque.

Consider the WGWEA Series first which offers higher torque capacity 

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