QCB Interchange Series

The Interchange series & Others

QCB Interchange Series slewing rings mimic the dimensions of bearings made by our competitors and are usually directly interchangeable.

The Others are unique (as far as we know) to the QCB range


ExternalLY gearED

iNternalLY gearED

A little twist of our own to make them even better…

QCB geared bearings are manufactured in 42CrMo4 steel to offer superior gear strength over some competitor’s bearings, on others we add location diameters as standard – and of course, the QCB black oxide coating where we can to offer some level of corrosion protection – all as standard features.

Then there are other bearings which are unique to the QCB range.

Popular and stock units are listed … but the full range is far larger than you might think …


If you have a special application e-mail us for professional advice.



All QCB® slewing rings are manufactured to the highest possible quality levels in ISO certified factories.

The QCB® Quality Standard defines all aspects of their dimensions, materials, manufacturing, packing and labelling.

Whilst the data on the site is updated regularly, we reserve the right to implement subtle changes to these standards in our quest for continual product improvement.

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