SEG Triple roller series

SEG 3-Row Series



Triple row bearings exhibit the highest load capacity/diameter ratio. 

The QCB range of triple roller bearings is more extensive than most, starting with smaller units that have found use in a wide range of industrial applications where space is limited listed below.

The larger QCB sizes mimic those of other manufacturers but many are either modified for specific applications or designed in confidence.  Used in conjunction with multiple planetary geared motors tremendous amounts of power can be transferred.

Unless you are an OEM customer, these will only be made to order. 

As a result we have chosen to offer only the most basic dimension information on this site and invite you to contact us to discuss your specific requirements, or send the Enquiry/Design Data form through to us with your project details.

Series dimensions

(Dimensions and weights are illustrative. QCB reserves the right to modify any specification in our quest for continuous product improvement)

Outline dimensionsOuter holesInner holes20 Deg stub gearWeight
QCB referenceDaDiHLanaLiniPMzFz Max
SEG 665 3 25 01 AA LM6653661485982440224648610869224
SEG 725 3 25 01 AA LM7254261486582446224708611869240
SEG 806 3 25 01 AA LM806496148728285322878489892270
SEG 886 3 25 01 AA LM8865761488082861228864810892300
SEG 1008 3 32 01 AA LM100863618292036680369801098115500
SEG 1108 3 32 01 AA LM110873618210203678036108010108115600
SEG 1222 3 32 01 AA LM12228361821120408804011881299138680
SEG 1342 3 32 01 AA LM1342956182124040100040130812109138820
SEG 1509 3 40 01 AA LM150910552101393451107451470141051601020
SEG 1663 3 40 01 AA LM166312052101543451257451624141161601300


Interchange information

In our experience, these bearings are not easily interchangeable as application specific modifications such as bolt number, style, grease point location are variable.

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