Slewing rings and slewing drives are everywhere!


Accuracy and repeatability of movement are important in robotic machinery such as welding robots or welding manipulator jigs.  The support bearings must be stiff yet offer smooth rotation in service.

QCB offers a range of preloaded x-roller or double row ball bearings for such applications.



Working at height you want the confidence that the slewing ring holding you aloft has been properly designed to handle tough conditions with a good degree of safety.

QCB Slewing Ring bearings with spur, helical and worm gears and QCB Slewing Drives are used in access platforms, window cleaning machines across the globe. 



Trams or Light Rail Systems need to snake through crowded city streets and turn more sharply than standard rail units.

QCB offers triple ring slewing ring bearings that allow the carriages to articulate independently from one another from the central point.

Small & medium wind turbines

QCB supplies a number of blade and yaw bearings for a variety of small and medium wind turbines, both to OEM and to after-market customers.

Through our partners we also supply the relevant yaw gearboxes 



Looking at or listening to the stars demands the highest accuracy bearings.  

QCB slewing rings have found application in civilian and military radar systems and radio telescopes.



QCB bearings are already working on and offshore all over the world where they are expected to work for decades without replacement.  QCB has developed special seals and other designs modifications to ensure our slewing rings are the best they can be – and we deliver to shipyards worldwide for installation in hose reals, umbilicals, davit cranes, ROV handling and mooring systems.




Military bearings may have non-standard internal designs, special materials and/or coatings depending on the application. 

QCB slewing rings operate in all 3 services worldwide.



materials handling


Large diameter slewing rings are no problem to QCB whose slewing rings already provide reliable service across the globe in construction and mining equipment, and jib cranes (onshore and offshore). 

QCB can supply slewing rings up to 11 000mm in diameter, segmented for easy transport and assembly on site.

WATER treatment & process equipment


Water treatment plants are expected to operate reliably for decades. 

QCB helps re-engineer older plants where parts are no longer available and can assist with the design of new machinery.



Jet bridges around the world, as well as other airport handling equipment benefit from using QCB slewing rings.



Double row ball bearings can reduce bearing size while offering greater performance.  

QCB stocks complete sets of slewing rings/ pinions and geared motors for a range of small ship cranes.

Larger freighter loading crane bearings have been supplied too


Straddle carriers or Modular Transporters use QCB Slewing Drives to control the steering mechanism



Whether it’s the opening ceremony for the Olympics, moving sets on a theatrical stage, supporting a 50 ton spaceship or rolling a helicopter down a mountainside, QCB slewing rings (and bearings) are there – used in the theatre and entertainment industry worldwide. 

We have played our part in supporting some of the world’s greatest actors and entertainers through the years.

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