Special Designs

Special Designs

QCB has a reputation for creative, yet well engineered solutions to slewing ring problems. 

Years of experience backed by a team of factory engineers and a “can do attitude” allows us to offer unique solutions where others have been defeated.

And we don’t stop at the slewing ring… our unique skill set allows up to offer fully engineered solutions including ball, spherical and cylindrical roller bearings, special housing, bespoke seal designs and coatings

QCB is a preferred supplier to some major OEM’s in diverse industries from aerospace to deep sea mining. 

Oil tanker offloading station

This bearing operates partially submerged in an oil tanker off-loading station.

Special treatment was given to a stainless steel end covers,  and a corrosion resistant surface was added to the seal running surfaces to ensure long and reliable service n the harsh North Atlantic.

Submersible slew ring

100 ton meter sea-bed drill

The brief called for a compact design that could transmit a a very high torque in offshore drilling. QCB rose to the challenge and supplied a unique triple row bearing which ash operated worldwide for many years, surpassing all expectations.

Big brother is now in the design stage!

Aerospace assembly jig

The client needed a large diameter slewing ring with minimum weight. 

QCB reduced weight by removing unnecessary gear teeth and by having a tabbed outer ring flange.  Ceramic balls also provided an additional weight saving.


Segmented ring

Thje problem? Replacing a slew ring at sea on a system that did not allow suitable access.

The solution? A segmented slewing ring to the same overall dimension as and bolt pattern that could be built up in situ.


Double gear systems

Used in amusement rides in the UK and abroad


Many more examples…

Modesty (and customer confidentiality agreements) mean we cannot tell you about some of our more exciting projects… suffice to say we are very pleased to have been of service to a broad range of prestigious clients in industry including

Materials handling equipment
Offshore oil and gas
Deep sea-mining & exploration
Nuclear Power
Renewable energy
Aggregates industry
Water and process plant equipment
Fishing & cargo handling cranes
Tunnelling and demolition
Aerospace and military

We look forward to servicing these, and new clients, in  the years ahead.

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