Slewing drives

Slewing drives are becoming increasingly popular due to the simplicity of installation

QCB offers a range of standard OPEN and ENCLOSED slew drives including the:

WGSE Series                              (a helical gear & worm shaft)

WGWEA Series                           (a true worm gear & worm shaft/ improved seals)

WGHSE Series                            (increased performance for modular transporters) 

WGR Series Rotation drives    Intended to power light and medium series slewing rings.


New for 2021?

SGSD Series                              Spur Gear Slew Drives – made in the UK – ask for details!



Slewing drives are designed for slow moving applications (2-3 rpm) such as:-

Truck mounted cranes
Access platforms
Solar tracking devices
Satellite communication systems
Small wind turbines (yaw axis)
Materials handling devices
Turnover & assembly jigs

Due to the performance characteristics of worm gearing they are not suitable for high speed, continuous operation with long duty cycles. The SGSD systems will be better suited to this sort of application.

Dual axis drive,  high precision and zero backlash units will be imported for specific projects.

QCB can offer various electric and hydraulic motors and gearboxes to suit.

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