Light duty pinions

A modest range of module 5, 6 and 8 (metric) and DP 4 pilot bore pinions in C45 steel to match the internally and externally geared light series slewing rings (metric and inch sizes) are available.

These are suitable for many light industrial applications.

Usually supplied in pilot bore form we can offer with fully machined bore, or in other tooth modules to order, and in high strength alloy steel and nitride hardened if necessary.

QCB ReferenceModuleTooth #Dimensions
M5 Z12512605075704516
M5 Z13513655075755016
M5 Z14514705075805520
M5 Z15515755075856020
M5 Z16516805075906520
M5 Z17517855075957020
M5 Z18
M5 Z195199550751057020
M6 Z12612726080845420
M6 Z14614846080966520
M6 Z156159060801027020
M6 Z166169660801087520
M6 Z1861810860801208020
M6 Z1861810860801208020
M8 Z15 PB815120801101359020

QCB UK RefQCB US RefDimensions
DPTooth #PCDGFWLTBODBossPilot BoreKey
DP4 Z14 PB392000014143.5022.883.902.8811/4
DP4 Z17 PB392000024174.2522.884.653.6311/4
DP3 Z14 PB392000033144.66722.885.203.881.255/16
DP3 Z17 PB392000043175.66722.886.204.881.255/16

High torque / special design pinions

Heavy duty applications call for specially designed pinions.

All QCB slewing rings are manufactured in 42CrMo4 steel to offer higher tooth strength compared to some “economy” brands.  

Tooth strength is a function of the module, the gear face width and the allowable root stress (which varies depending on section and material).  Slewing ring tooth strength can be improved by adding an ‘addendum correction’ and it is vitally important that the pinion geometry is properly matched to achieve an optimum mesh and maximum gear efficiency. 

With fixed centre systems it is also important to design in suitable backlash to avoid overpressure. 

QCB uses state of the art software and it’s years of experience to ensure that our pinions offer exceptional service life in high torque applications.

Heavy duty pinions are manufactured in the UK using high strength alloy steel such as 42CrMo4 and can be induction hardened or nitrided to improve durability. 



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