Light Series Slewing rings

Light series slewing rings

QCB defines its Light Series slewing rings as modular sets or “families” of slewing rings up to 1200mm outside diameter.  

They are used worldwide in a huge variety of applications and follow industry standard dimension plans.


FUN 20 Flanged Series  (Metric, Ball)

FUN 20 I Flanged Series
(US sizes, Ball)

SUN 20 Solid Series
(Metric, Ball)

SUN 20 I Solid Series
(US sizes, Ball)

SUN X14 Solid Series
(Metric, Crossed roller)

Externally geared

FEG 20 Flanged Series
(Metric, Ball)

FEG 20 I Series
(US sizes, Ball)

SEG 20 Solid Series
(Metric, Ball)

SEG 20 I Solid Series
(US Sizes, Ball)

SEG X14 Solid Series
(Metric, Crossed roller)

iNternally geared

FIG 20 Flanged Series
(Metric, Ball)

FIG 20 I Flanged Series
(US sizes, Ball)

SIG 20 Solid Series
(Metric, Ball)

SIG 20 I Solid Series
(US sizes, Ball)

SIG X14 Solid Series
(Metric, Crossed roller)

Light series slewing rings find application worldwide

Flanged bearings offer weight savings, but have less torsional rigidity. They are therefore suited to the lightest loads where load eccentricity is limited.

Solid section ball bearings are more rigid in torsion and are therefore suited to light loading where there is load eccentricity. Crossed roller bearings offer a greater rigidity to the bearing assembly and will generally be used where a higher degree of precision is required.  

QCB includes other bearings <1200mm diameter in this series.

Typical applications include:

Industrial positioners and jigs
Loading chutes for trucks or marine loaders
Stretch wrapping machines
Light duty conveyors and parcel sorting systems
Small amusement rides
Furnace hoods

Many variations of the basic metric light series slewing rings exist including:-

US/ Imperial versions with inch dimensions and US stub gearing
Undrilled, double drilled and OEM drilling patterns
Reduced internal clearances including light preload
Precision inner and outer diameters
Zinc plating, epoxy painted or nylon coatings (QCB bearings have black oxide coating as standard)
High temperature spacers and seals
Various lubricants depending on application
Special designs to 2200mm diameter


If you have a special application e-mail us with your requirements.


All QCB® slewing rings are manufactured to the highest possible quality levels in ISO certified factories.

The QCB® Quality Standard defines all aspects of their dimensions, materials, manufacturing, packing and labelling.

Whilst the data on the site is updated regularly, we reserve the right to implement subtle changes to these standards in our quest for continual product improvement.

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