WGWEB Series



  • The WGWEB Series builds on the features of the successful WGWEA series.

The lower (exposed) lip seal between inner and outer ring is replaced with a reinforced seal which allows us to offer IP rated slew drives

Series dimensions

Outline dimensionsOuter holesInner holesBolt sizeGear ratioOutput
QCB referenceABDiEH1LanaLiniKNmdeg
WGWEB 7 47 25 H R207143105295972051013512-1M1247:13.5<0.1535
WGWEB 9 62 25 H R2441801453301082701617516-1M1662:18<0.1549
WGWEB 12 79 25 H R2872232293701083581825920-1M1679:19.5<0.1568
WGWEB 14 86 25 H R3022382653801083901829524-1M1686:110.8<0.1374
WGWEB 17 104 25 H R3492853324051084792036520M16104:112.96<0.192
WGWEB 19B 94 25 H R3783133804351085203242032-1M1694:118.5<0.1118
WGWEB 21 90 25 H R4153504254831305843646736-1M2090:128.7<0.1142
WGWEB 25 104 25 H R4643995205131306753656536-1M20104:134.2<0.1168

Interchangeable with the WGWEA Series

Imported to order only

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