QCB Interchange Series - Internally geared


The QCB INTERCHANGE RANGE slewing rings are designed to be interchangeable with those of other manufacturers. 

Series dimensions

(Dimensions and weights are illustrative. QCB reserves the right to modify any specification in our quest for continuous product improvement)

Outline dimensionsOuter holesInner holes20 deg stub gearWeight
QCB referenceDaDihda f9di H9LanaStyle
LiniStylePmZFz Max
SIG 340 16 00 AA LM3402163932420 Ø9A25220 Ø9A2244562012
SIG 403 20 01 AA LM4032165535824 Ø13A25928-1 Ø13A2244562526
SIG 486 16 00 CC LM4863323946214 Ø14A37814 Ø14A3404851424
SIGH 521 25 01 AA LM5213246047930 M16E37330 M16E3334.5744042
SIGH 535 22 03 CC LM5353805051016 Ø13A42016 M12D3844962935
SIG 562 25 01 AA LM5623856053830 Ø13A44030 Ø13A3966664046
SIG 562 X20 01 AA LM5623856056053830 Ø13.5A44030 Ø13.5A3966663843
SIG 620 X25 01 AA LM6203868561858024 Ø21A44824 Ø21A3966664785
SIGH 640 22 03 AA LM6404725561516 M14E52016 M14E4805964345
SIG 695 X25 01 AA LM6954468569364030 Ø21A50830 Ø21A60887647100
SIG 750 25 01 AA LM7505467072030 Ø18A60520 Ø18A5586934976
SIG 871 X20 02 AA LM8716347087088336 M20C70736 M20C64088066113
SIG 975 X20 02 AA LM9757848297094436 M16D85036 M16D800810074123
SIG 1170 X25 01 AA LM1175961901165113436 M16E104036 M16D980109893181
SIGH 1175 28 01 AA LM1175961901165113436 M16E104036 M16D9801098120181
SIGH 1251 32 01 CC LM1251979911250121240 Ø22A106840 Ø22A9901099122289

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