Slewing drive power

QCB Slewing Drives can be powered by hydraulic, electric or even air-powered motors. 

QCB can specify and supply a wide range of hydraulic,electric and servo motors.

Hydraulic power

Most QCB Slewing Drives are imported in right hand drive form to accept an SAE 2-bolt hydraulic 25mm output motor. There are exceptions, but in some cases the end cap can be changed to suit other motor outputs.

A range of hydraulic motors, braked hydraulic motors with pressure relief and/or overcenter valves can be supplied.

Right hand stock units can be converted to left hand units before despatch.

Contact QCB Technical for advice. 

16mm End caps
25mm End caps

Some of the different end caps designs available

Electric power

A suitably sized gearbox can be mounted to a QCB Slewing drive by means of a locally manufactured adapter flange and shaft extension.

This is useful for small volume or short delivery requirements.

For volume orders, or in cases where the client wishes to supply their own gearmotor, it may be possible to adjust the housing design and worm shaft ends before manufacture.


Contact QCB Technical for advice.

Calculation of input power requirements


To calculate the input torque and speed you need follow these simple calculations:-

Required input motor speed = load speed x reduction ratio

Required input motor torque = Load torque/Speed ratio/0.4

e.g. Assume you are using a WGSE 14 85 25 H R slew drive and you have a load torque of 5400 Nm you wish to slew at 1.5 rpm

Motor speed = 1.5 x 85 = 127.5 rpm;  Motor torque = 5400/85/0.4 = 158.8 Nm

A suitable hydraulic motor or electric geared motor can now be selected. 

(If you don’t know how to work out your load torque, ask us for help!)

More examples:-

Slew DriveMotor detailsTypical motor performance (AMM/ MSA)
Basic Slew DriveOutput torqueRatioLoad speedTorqueSpeedPressureFlow rate
NmrpmLight dutyHeavy dutyNmrpmbarlpm
WGSE 3C ##140062:12AMM 50-PAMM 50 P21124327
WGSE 5A ##1100062:12AMM 50-PAMM 50 P32124507
WGSE 7 ##1150073:13AMM 50-PAMM 50 P442197012
WGSE 9700061:13AWMP 125-MXMSA 125-2M26618315026
WGSE 12750078:13AWMP 125-MXMSA 125-2M24023414032
WGSE 14800085:13AWMP 125-MXMSA 125-2M23525514034
WGSE 1710000102:13AWMP 125-MXMSA 125-2M24530614040
WGSE 2115000125:13AWMP 150-MXMSA 150-2M30037513064
WGSE 2518000150:13AWMP 150-MXMSA 150-2M30045014075


Slew DriveMotor detailsTypical motor performance (MSA / MTAP)
Basic Slew DriveOutput torqueRatioLoad speedTorqueSpeedPressureFlow rate
NmrpmLight dutyHeavy dutyNmrpmbarlpm
WGWEA 9800062:12.5AWMP 150-MXMSA 150-2M32315515022
WGWEA 121000079:13AWMP 150-MXMSA 150-2M31619814033
WGWEA 141080086:12.5AWMP 150-MXMSA 150-2M31421515036
WGWEA 1713000105:13AWMP 200-MXMSA 200-2M30926311065
WGWEA 191850094:12.5AWMP 300-MXMSA 300-2M49223510075
WGWEA 212900090:13MTAP 300-P79722516575
WGWEA 2534200104:12.5MTAP 300-P82226018095

 Over Center Valves:  AWMP motors use an OCV15W; MSA motors use the OCV25S


Enquiry form & selection advice

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QCB Technical will rapidly evaluate your requirement, suggest a solution and quote with relevant CAD and STP files to minimise the time you spend on design.


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